The Shining

O iluminado

The Stanley Hotel is not only where the movie was filmed but is also the hotel that originally inspired Stephen King to write the novel, having booked a vacation there just as the hotel was closing for the season and was nearly empty of guests and employees. He stayed in Room 217, which had long been said to be haunted. (The actual hotel room is on a corner, not in the middle of the hallway as it appears in the film.)

Stephen King's The Shining (1997) Miniseries Português-BR

Eu peguei uma legenda aqui há muito tempo e APENAS alterei o modo como chamam o garoto. No livro, veio traduzido como "Doutor" e na legenda aqui encontrada como "Doc". Pra deixar mais próximo do real eu modifiquei. Créditos continuam sendo pra quem traduziu a legenda.

Stephen King's The Shining (1997) Miniseries